Monumentalism is a visual study of socialist architecture and design. Every photograph on this site was taken by Darmon Richter, a British researcher who has spent the last 10 years exploring Eastern Europe with his camera. To use any of these images, please get in touch.

Read more about this project here; find in-depth essays about many of these locations on The Bohemian Blog; or join one of the tours below to see them for yourself.

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Jan 14-20: Chernobyl sold out
Jan 28-Feb 3: Chernobyl
Apr 17-29: Yugoslavia sold out
May 5-12: Bulgaria sold out
Aug 25-Sep 4: Bessarabia sold out
Sep 9-15: Ukraine, Chernobyl
Sep 20-26: Ukraine, Chernobyl
Oct 7-19: Yugoslavia

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